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Ultima C9000

Available in different Colors

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The Future of Water Treatment, As We See, It Is Going To Give Us More Difficult Challenges And We All Need More Advanced And Robust Products.

Imagine having healthy and safe water at every tap without a single hassle.

The Ultima C9000 entire home filtration system is revolutionary, designed to improve the water you need every day!

Highly engineered and crafted with the finest commercial grade quality and eco technology filtration specifically for Arizona contaminated harsh water.

Superior Benefits:

  • Crystal Tech Water Ultima C9000 is designed and engineered for AZ water to reduce, eliminate and protect your family’s entire home water supply, from harmful exposures to unpleasant chlorine, odors, chromium-6, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfides, toxins, pesticides, chemicals, and many other inorganics.
  • Saves money by minimizing scale buildup to improve the durability & life expectancy of your all your water using appliances. This saves customers thousands on appliance replacement costs. 
  • Look & feel better inside and out for you and your family, with fresh chemical-free filtered water for healthier skin, hair, and lungs after every bath & shower.
  • Increases the life expectancy of a water softener system as pre-treatment.
  • No filter replacements needed, automatic backwash self cleaning system with adjustable settings to fit your family needs.
  • Protects your home investment, pipes, plumbing fixtures from clogs, corrosion, & other costly plumbing repairs by removing scale and many other damaging contaminants preventing buildup up throughout your home.
  • Imagine drinking crisp clean purified water at every water outlet throughout your entire home.
  • No-Salt and Maintenance required 
  • Best in the industry 10 year limited warranty on tank & parts & 5 year limited on performance parts.

Something to Think About

 Water is one of the most important things for our bodies, in its most natural and purest form that is. The primary enemy? Chlorine a gaseous greenish-yellow element used for its disinfecting power. There are ways to combat this. If you think about it, skin is the largest organ in the body. While technically water-proof, the skin can absorb contaminants from the water. Long term exposure to chlorine may cause cancer and other ailments. Irritation can occur on the skin and scalp, making for a dry, itchy body and head. Additionally, the Pacific Center for Health says that Chlorine can also destroy much-needed proteins in our bodies. Depleted of protein, skin and hair can become very dry. Hair can become unmanageable and color-treated hair can be ruined. The Answer Our Ultima-C9000 Entire Home Filtration System.




Filter & Soften Entire Home Water Supply



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Ultima BB9000

Entire Home Filtering System

Superior Benefits:

  • Crystal Tech Water Ultima BB9000 system prevents and removes sand, silt, dirt, rust and debris from entering into your soft homes water supply. It’s like and AC filter in your home or fuel filter in your car.
  • Protects by removing all of the little particles in your water that can clog faucets, aerators, shower heads, fixtures and more.
  • Saves Money, by extending the life expectancy of your all your water using appliances, hot water heaters, dishwasher, washing machine and more.
  • Designed and engineered for high levels for sediment removing particles 5-10 times smaller than a human hair.

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